September 03, 2016

Important date for me until today.

4th December 2011 (Sunday), 4 first time I text@sms my girlfriend named Nurnabilah Zolkiple.
10 December 2011 (Saturday), 1st meet with her,
After that loves appear.. 💗💕💞💕💞💗
29 January 2012 (Sunday), meet her parents with my parents,
12 February 2012, My Engagement,
15 June 2012, Married. 💑👫💏
After 4 months, she's pregnant. Our 1st baby. 1st January 2013, a boy 👶 named Muhammad Habib Darwisy is born.
After 2 years, 22nd February 2016. 2nd boy named Muhammad Habib Dinny 👶 comes and make more fun for our family. We are a happy family. Alhamdulillah. Syukran.